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HexCrypt Code Of Conduct / Code Of Conduct
« Last post by HexCrypt Official on August 05, 2018, 05:01:29 PM »
Hello HexCrypt members, friends and guests, we want to make and keep the HexCrypt forums a welcoming, positive and productive learning environment for everyone. We discuss and learn about computers, cyber security, cyber crime, rootkits, debugging, reverse-engineering, malware analysis and digital forensics related topics and issues. To facilitate this, we ask all members to follow a set of guidelines known as the HexCrypt Forum Code of Conduct.

Account registration:
- You must provide a valid email address for registration (We do not allow a disposable email address PERIOD) A confirmation link will be sent to this email.
- Only one account per person is allowed. Creating multiple accounts for the purposes of misrepresenting your identity to the community is prohibited.
- Please make sure that your account info is valid and up to date.
- Do not share your account or share your forum credentials.
- If you represent a company or organization please contact a administrator so your information can be verified. * HexCrypt needs to make sure that you're authorized to create an account on the company's behalf and we need to make sure that you are who you claim to be. We enforce this rule strictly to avoid fake accounts.
If we have verified your information your account will receive a "verified" member status.
1. Please be respectful to all members of this forum!
Occasionally, conflicts may arise when people voice opinions. Be courteous when disagreeing with others.

2. Please Contribute:
If you use the forum, it would be great if everyone works together and contributes actively to the forum to keep it active.
We value quality posts over quantity posts.
Please post in English. If you are unable to speak English, please use Google Translate (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login). Thank you.

3. Forbidden activity:
- Spam / advertising. you can only advertise with the permission of an ADMINISTRATOR !
- Creating posts just to up your post count / bumping posts to keep them near the top.
- Cross posting the same topic to different sections.
- Do not create posts to aggressively "lobby" or "petition" for features, changes, additions or other issues!
- Rants and constant non-constructive comments.
- Publicly disclosing private messages between you and forum moderators / administrators without consent.
- Do not post about forum exploits, instead notify an administrator.
- Impersonating another forum user, moderator or administrator.
- Trying to exploit the security of this forum. if you know of any bugs, contact the admin instead.
- Illegal Activities that break (inter)national laws
* Users in violation with these rules receive warnings and repeated offenders will be banned!
Moderators may also choose to instantly ban a user, because of major offenses.

4. Malware, Crimeware and malicious related content.
Malware samples (packs) and links to malware are permitted (if approved by a admin) and can only be posted in the Sample Vault forum for research and educational purposes.
You must obfuscate a links (ie. hxxp://, NOT http://) and malware and sample packs MUST be RAR (Winrar) zipped and be password protected using the word: infected
This is to ensure people don't accidentally infect themselves. (Be absolutely sure whatever you are downloading! If in doubt, ask first!)
* If you want to post malware packs, malicious samples and other crimeware samples then please contact a admin for approval. (Only verified and knowledgeable members will be allowed!)

5. Zero Tolerance Policy
Disrespectful behavior such as harassing, profanity, abusive language, personal attacks, trolling, flaming,
racial, religious, ethnic, sexual slurs, or similar behavior/language is forbidden!
If a thread is in violation of the forum rules, please notify a moderator or administrator directly.

6. Privacy
This is a private message board. The HexCrypt team reserves the right to remove any content posted on the forum at will without notice for any reason. Your information will not be sold, rented or otherwise made available to third parties EVER!
* There may be posts with information that the author intends only for this forum.
Please respect that and do not share information clearly marked as private on other forums or other mediums!

7. Changes
We may revise these Rules at any time by amending this page.
We will notify our members on the forum of these changes.

Kind Regards,
HexCrypt Team
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